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Looking for companies specializing in sauces? Curious what the selection of coffee companies is? Trying to find a fantastic flower fundraiser? Check out our partners here, arranged neatly by product category! Here you will find only the best fundraising companies listed, and you will typically find a selection of companies for each category. You may discover some categories of products that you did not even realize were used for fundraising! As you search for the best fundraiser product and company for your cause, we trust that you will find the search easier and more enjoyable as you browse our pages. We know you are passionate for your cause, and we are passionate about making it as easy for you to begin fundraising as possible.

We have carefully categorized each of our partners’ products, and they are listed alphabetically for your ease. Some categories may have sub-categories, as well; for example, “Candy” is sub-categorized into “Lollipops” and “Chocolate.” Specific companies and their products will be listed under the sub-categories in cases such as those.

This Fundraising Products page may be best for you if you already know what kind of fundraising product or company you are searching for, or if you are curious as to what kinds of products are available for fundraisers. If you are searching for something a little more specific to your situation, check out our Activities and Causes page or our Locations page. Activities and Causes provides some suggestions for fundraising products to use according to the cause you are campaigning for, such as a missions trip, band trip, new gear for your sports team, or perhaps a medical charity. Locations provides suggestions based on your geographical location, such as local companies or products that may sell well in your state.
And if you know exactly what company you are searching for, you can look it up by product on this page, or you can head over to our comprehensive Fundraising Directory and look up the company information directly!

Go ahead and click on a product below that interests you. Better yet, research a few products and make an informed decision as to what’s best for your group or organization. Do a little surfing here; it’s good for your digital soul!