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We know you are passionate about fundraising for the trip, group, or activity you are campaigning for. We know you desire to choose the right product for your cause. And we know you don’t want to spend any more precious minutes of your time trying to choose a fundraising product than you have to. So we’ve made it easy for you! One way we have done this is to research top fundraising companies and products across the nation, and brought them all to one convenient place, organizing them by location. Many of the groups we work with are interested in supporting local companies, both for it’s convenience as well as the fact that these products are proven to be successful, generating a lot of revenue in your specific location.

Our products have been handpicked for each state. We have listed companies that are local to every state, and have gone even further than that – suggesting products that are most likely to be successful fundraisers in your area, based on our years of experience, research and testing.

By choosing local companies, you are supporting your neighbors and contributing to the health of your state’s economy, and doing one more thing you can feel good about as you are fundraising for your own cause! You also receive the convenient benefits of in-person delivery or faster shipping of the fundraising product you are selling, which may be more attractive to some potential donors who are on a tight time-frame or are just more impatient people. After all, who likes waiting a whole month for an item to arrive that has already been paid for?

Support local businesses, cut the ship-time down, keep your donors happy, see greater success with locally recognized products, and do another good deed while fundraising – what is there not to like about choosing a fundraising product by location? Choose your state below and instantly find the best local fundraising options, or simply read about the products that may work well in your area based on our research. If you would rather view a list of products by category, we have a Fundraising Products section here. If you would rather check out fundraising ideas for your specific Activity or Group, we have a Fundraisers by Activity section as well. And if you already know what company you would like to use, we even have a comprehensive Fundraising Directory for your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Click on your state below and find what fundraising options are in your local area!