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Diabetes affects everything about a person’s life – their eating habits, their risk of other diseases and complications, their time, and their wallets. And unfortunately, diabetes often takes much from a person’s wallet, between insulin injections or tablets, doctors’ appointments, special equipment (such as diabetic socks and lancet devices), and healthier (but more costly) food. Sometimes, surgeries result either directly from diabetes, such as gastric bypass surgery or a foot amputation, or indirectly, such as surgery to remove diabetes-related early onset of cataracts or laser surgery to treat diabetic retinopathy. With all the costs mounting up, it is not surprising that many seek the help of fundraising products to help offset the bills. Many also seek fundraising products to help raise money for organizations that advocate for prevention, treatment, and a cure for diabetes. Whether it is for a national association, an international federation, or a foundation that provides funds for treatments to those who are struggling financially, a diabetes fundraiser can bring in many donations that would not otherwise come in.

We have made it easy to find a product that fits a fundraiser for diabetes. You will not find sugar-laden products on our list; rather, you will find products that you can use to educate others about diabetes, raise awareness for your cause, or promote general health. You can also choose to use a product from your local state, or a product that may do well in your area, by consulting our lists of products by location.

Product Suggestions for a Diabetes fundraiser:

-First Aid Kits (to make these especially appropriate for diabetes, include instructions for what to do in the case of a diabetic emergency)
-Greeting Cards
-Fruits and Vegetables
-Cookbooks (including a section of diabetic-friendly recipes, or making the entire cookbook diabetic-friendly, is one way to customize this to your specific cause
-Board Games