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Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Humans don’t occupy this planet alone. All sorts of animals, birds, and fish also share the Earth with us, and it is our responsibility to help them and make sure they are being treated well. That is where animal shelter groups, like The Humane Society and rescue organizations, come in. The United States’ largest animal protection organization, The Humane Society, spends time focusing on stopping cruelties of puppy mills, large-scale farms, poaching, seal slaughter, and general animal cruelty.  It is a large, active organization, serving (and saving) more than 100,000 animals each year. Animal rescue organizations, like shelters and refuges, help protect animals from harsh weather conditions, cruel strangers, and abusive owners. They may help typical household pets, like dogs and cat; farm animals, like horses and sheep; birds, like pet songbirds and injured birds of prey; and even exotic pets, like monkeys, tigers, and skunks, which often turn wild on their owners, who can no longer care for them.

You are likely on this page because you belong to an animal rights group or you simply want to help a good cause like an animal rescue home, and you need to find animal shelter fundraising ideas or products to sell in order to raise money for the cause. We make it easy for you to find just what you’re looking for – so stop searching fundraising website after fundraising website and start the actual fundraising! We have hand-selected a list of products that we believe you will find easy to incorporate as a fundraiser, products that reflect the value that you have placed on animals’ well-being. You won’t find any beef jerky or summer sausage on this list! Whether you are raising money for free spaying and neutering of pets and strays, or seeking funding for a specific animal’s surgery or medical bills, or you are starting a general fundraiser for a shelter or rescue organization, peruse our listings to discover a fundraiser that works for you and your animal focused cause.


-Calendars (cute animals calendar, anyone?)

-Cookbooks (try collecting recipes for a vegetarian cookbook)

-Pet Products



-Fruits and Vegetables