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Bringing a new baby or child home is an incredible experience, whether you are adopting or birthing. There is nothing like hearing a baby’s happy coos, seeing large sweet eyes gaze wonderingly up at you, feeling the warm touch of a toddler’s hug wrapped tightly around your neck, or listening to a child say “Mommy” or “Daddy” as they look to you. But welcoming a new son or daughter can be incredibly expensive, too, especially if you are adopting. Both international and national adoption (if you are located in the United States) can range from $25,000 to $50,000! Even foster care adoption can be pricey enough to warrant a fundraiser, around $3,000. Adoption costs, depending on the type of adoption, can include anything from travel costs, rent and utility payments for the birth mother, legal fees, agency fees, to passports and visas, not to mention any medical costs due to health issues.

Setting up adoption fundraising to help with the cost burden is a great way to help offset the fees! You can choose to do a fundraiser for general costs, or you can do a fundraiser for specific costs (such as plane tickets overseas, or legal fees, or medical bills for the adopted child). You could even do several adoption fundraisers, with a different product for each specific cost.

You have come to the right place to discover adoption fundraising products that will work for your unique situation.  Simply glance down the page to see a list of fundraisers that we have hand-picked for adoption fundraising! They are divided into categories: General, Medical, Legal, Travel, and Fostering.

You can also visit our other categories to find fundraising products listed in other ways; for example, you may decide to choose a fundraising product that begins with a certain letter (such as the first letter of your last name or your future child’s first name – “Seeds for Sarah” may be the title of your adoption fundraiser, for example).  If you decide to look for seeds, simply visit our Products page and view fundraising products by category.  You may also decide to pick a fundraising company local to the state you are adopting from, if you are doing a domestic adoption. You can visit our Locations page to view a list of fundraisers by state.

General Adoption Fundraisers

For general adoption fundraising ideas, consult this list:


-Cookies (specific companies? Or link to product page?)


-Healthy Snacks


Adoption Fundraisers for Medical Costs

If you want to do a fundraiser focusing on raising funds for medical bills, continue reading:

-First Aid Kits

-Healthy Snacks


Adoption Fundraisers for Legal Fees

If legal costs are overwhelming and you need to raise money for it, you may find the product you are searching for here:


-Lapel Pins


-Discount Cards

Adoption Fundraisers for Travel Expenses

Flying is expensive, especially if you have to make multiple trips. Hotels, even domestically, are expensive, too. Here is our list of fundraisers that may help with that cost:



-Beef Jerky

-Greeting Cards

-Bed Sheets