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So you have a trip, group, or other cause you have decided to campaign for, and now you just need to figure out what you can sell to bring in money for it. Easy, right? Girl Scouts do cookies, cheerleaders do car washes, and you can… do what, exactly? That is where Fundraising Bridge comes in. We have combed through hundreds of fundraising companies and products and chosen the most suitable ones for your type of campaign. Simply select the type of activity or group you are campaigning for (such as a school trip, church activity, sports team, or health cause) and Voila! – We show you a description of the best types of products for your specific cause and a list of trusted companies that sell those products.

Because we want to be as thorough as possible and make your fundraising product search as easy and profitable, we have listed almost every kind of fundraising category you can think of (and if we haven’t thought of it, you can let us know! Nicely, of course!). We know it would be impossible to list every single cause, trip, or activity, so we have also provided general suggestions under the main categories. If your specific activity or cause is listed under the main category, give it a click and see how easy it is to find the product that works for you!

We also make sure to list only the finest companies and products out there. We are very proud of our fundraising partners and want you to have the best fundraising experience possible – and a good fundraising experience starts with an easy fundraising product search! Why spend all the time and energy researching companies yourself when we have done it already? To make things even easier for you, we have several different ways to search out the right product for you. If you want something local, check out our Fundraisers by Location section. If you know the type of product you want to use but don’t know which company, check out our Products section. And if you are a fundraising superstar and already know which company you want to use, check out our Fundraising Directory!

Since you’re already in the Activities and Groups section, why not take a look around? Click on your cause category, read the helpful information and suggestions, and if you want more, click on your specific activity!