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If you’ve clicked on this section, we’re guessing that you already have an idea about which fundraising company you want to use for your group’s campaign. We’ve created this comprehensive fundraising directory so that our visitors can view every single company we have partnered with and check out their products and contact information. If you’re just a curious soul beginning your fundraising research and want to see how many quality fundraising companies are out there, this list is a great resource! Or you may simply be looking to get a bit creative in your fundraising search and want to use a company that rhymes with your team’s name. Or perhaps you are one of those hardcore fundraising coordinators who wants to check out every single company possible before making a decision! Whatever your rationale is for visiting our directory of fundraising companies, you can satisfy that desire here. Everything is arranged alphabetically, and you can choose a company and view a short blurb on them (usually submitted by the company itself – a description straight from the horse’s mouth!), as well as product and contact info.

Of course, if you take a look at the fundraising companies you were thinking about going with and decide that they are not right for your fundraiser efforts, you can always visit another one of our sections. We aim to make the fundraising search easy for you! You can view Products by Category, which will list all product types alphabetically; or by Location, which will list suggestions for your state as well as local companies to your state; or by Activities and Groups, which will give you specific suggestions for your cause.

Your fundraiser, your choice! Take a look at the list of all the great fundraising companies we have partnered with and visit our other sections for even more fundraising ideas.