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Welcome to Fundraising Bridge, the ultimate fundraising resource for all of your fundraising needs! Whether you are just starting to look for fundraising ideas for your sports team, missions trip, or charitable cause, or you already know exactly what product you want to use and are searching for the right fundraising company, we are the site for you! We have sourced products and companies from around the world and made it easy for you to pinpoint the right product for your team, group, or cause. Unlike other sites, these products and companies are grouped together in different ways, making it easy for you to find the fundraising product that YOU want, whether you are searching by product category, fundraising location, or fundraising cause.

From the latest-and-greatest companies to the tried-and-true classics, from definitive ideas and products to trendy new merchandise and unique ideas that your donors may not have seen before, you will find it all here. We aim to be the easiest, most comprehensive fundraising resource on the ‘net so that you can stop researching and begin raising money ASAP!

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Proven Fundraising Ideas

Let’s Face It: Fundraising is Hard Work!

We get it. You just want to begin raising money for your cause or trip.

Let’s cut all the fluff – time equals money and you need a fundraiser you can trust, fast!

Nobody’s bluffing; fundraising is hard work, especially when you begin to consider all the products and websites and companies that are out there vying for your time and money. Cookies, beverages, flowers, candles, discount cards – how do you choose? Are there products that may work better for your geographical location than others? What companies provide good products that will have people pulling out their wallets for you? Are there local companies in your area that you may want to support while they help support you with their fundraising products? Doing all the research yourself takes time and energy, especially when you just want to begin raising money for your cause or trip.

The faster you can choose a fundraising product and begin selling, the better!
And a singular source of fundraising information makes fundraising research so much easier and faster.

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Here at Fundraising Bridge, We Make Fundraising Easy.

Fundraising Bridge is the answer you may not have even realized you were searching for! We make it easy to find exactly the product or company you would like to use by categorizing products and companies in several ways – categories unique to this site.

If you want to find a fundraising company by geographic location so that you can sell a local product, you can view companies by state.

If you want to view fundraising products by product category (such as cookies, wreaths, or apparel), you can click on specific categories.

We even have sections devoted to the activity or cause you are campaigning for, where you can select your cause from a list and view ideas specific to your cause. For example, if you are trying to raise money for a church missions trip, we have a page devoted to ideas for missions fundraising. If you are taking a high school band on a tour, we have ideas for band trip fundraising.

Simply choose what category you would like to view products and companies by and begin looking! We even have a fundraising directory available that lists every single company that has partnered with us, along with their contact information, if you already know the name of the company you would like to use or simply wish to scour the full list of companies all at once.

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Fundraisers by Location

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Fundraising Directory

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We’re Here to Help. Check Out Our Most Popular Fundraising Ideas:

  • Auctions

  • Beef Jerky/Meat Products

  • Board Games

  • Books

  • Calendars

  • Candles

  • Cheese

  • Chocolate

  • Cleaning Products

  • Coffee

  • Cookbooks

  • Cookies & Cookie Dough

  • Discount/Scratch Cards

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • First Aid Kits

  • Flowers

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Giftwrap/Greeting Cards

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Holiday/Wreaths

  • Jewelry

  • Magazines

  • Mystery Dinners

  • Pet Products

  • Pizza/Pasta

  • Popcorn

  • Sauces/Spices/Honey/Jellies

  • Tea

  • T-shirts/Apparel/Blankets/Spirit

  • Wine

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We Our Fundraising Partners

We have a comprehensive list of fundraising partners for you to view and look into. Our partners carry all sizes of products; are you looking for small candles or large candles? What about small bags of ground coffee or large bags of whole-bean coffee? Our partners have it. We also have listed products of all types, from common fundraisers like cookie dough and discount cards to harder-to-find products that you may not have realized could be used for fundraising, such as wine, first-aid kits, and cleaning products. Sweeten the deal with a honey fundraiser, or encourage your donors to drop their spare change with a take-home donation container that they can drop off when it is full.

Because we want you to have the easiest fundraising idea search possible, we have even listed every possible activity or cause you could fundraise for, and grouped ideas according to it (and if we don’t have your activity or your activity’s category listed, contact us and we will put it up!). For example, selling first-aid kits may be a fantastic idea for a health cause or a volunteer fire department fundraiser, while selling wine for a church missions trip may not be a first-choice fundraiser. But selling discount cards with deals from various church members’ businesses may bring in the money your missions trip needs! We make it easy to view the best products and companies for your cause.

We even delve into the best products for your location. From hot products to local companies, you will be able to find what works for your state. For example, if you live in Arizona, bottled water may be a better fundraising choice than flower seeds, while flower seeds may do very well in Illinois or another Midwestern state! If you want to support companies in your state, you can; from freshly-roasted specialty coffee in Minnesota to wine from the heart of Washington [Northwest Cellars – or mention another example of a local company from some state], you will find local companies that you can support while they help support you.

Whatever way you decide to search for your fundraising ideas, we have what works for you! And our information is all up-to-date. No clicking on links only to find out the fundraising company has been out-of-business for two years. You will find the newest companies, along with classic fundraising companies, however you choose to search for them. Our partners are sure to raise all the money you need for your trip, team, or cause!

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Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

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